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April 2017 Garden Bar

Garden Bar included with Every Meal!


April 2017 Elementary Lunch

MV April 2017 Elementary Lunch

TC April 2017 Elementary Lunch

April 2017 BLMS Lunch Menu

April 2017 LDMS Lunch Menu



March 2017 Garden Bar

March 2017 Elementary Lunch (LV ME CM)

March 2017 Mill Valley Lunch

March 2017 Tess Corners Lunch

March 2017 Lake Denoon

March 2017 Bay Lane

MHS March 2017

Chef Luke March 2017


Elementary Lunch- February 2017

Lake Denoon Lunch Menu February 2017

Bay Lane Lunch Menu February 2017

MHS February 2017

February Chef Menu 2017

Fruit and Vegetable Bar February 2017


Elementary Lunch Menu January 2017

Lake Denoon Lunch Menu January 

Bay Lane Lunch Menu January 2017

High Lunch Menu January 2017 

Chef Menu January 2016

January Garden Bar 2017



Garden Bar Menu December 2016

*Garden Bar included with every meal!



Elementary Lunch Menu December 2016

Lakeview Lunch Menu December 2016

Tess Corners Lunch Menu December 2016


Bay Lane Middle School Menu December 2016

Lake Denoon Middle School Menu December 2016


Muskego High Menu December 2016





Elementary Lunch Menu November 2016

Country Meadows Lunch Menu November 2016



Bay Lane Lunch Menu November 2016

Lake Denoon Menu November 2016



Muskego High School Menu November 2016

Chef Luke November 2016

Learn about this month’s Harvest of the Month Fruit, Vegetable and Spice

Cranberry    Spaghetti Squash     Lemon Grass

The Food Court is made up of five food stations where students can purchase a variety of entrees, sides and extras. The food court caters to a majority of students’ tastes by offering a variety of popular food choices each day.  In Addition, our Chef line is available Tuesday through Friday and features a variety of items created by Chef Luke! Some of our students prefer to choose similar foods each day, while others opt to select from the various stations depending on the daily offerings. Throughout the school year, we constantly evaluate menus and implement changes based on student input. We welcome suggestions and requests for new menu ideas and will try to honor them.

Click here to see the food court stations that are featured.