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Wordware is the computerized prepayment system for school meals in our districts. Each Student is issued a 4 digit lunch ID number that allows purchases to be deducted from a family account. Elementary teachers use a checklist to keep track of which students take hot lunch or milk, and their name is verified in the cafeteria as the students pin number is scanned. Middle School students enter their pin number as they go through the lunch line. The system works the same way as a checking account.

Your family must maintain a positive balance in order for your child to draw purchases from it. You are encouraged to send regular payments on a weekly or monthly basis to cover anticipated meals. The money remains in your account until your children draw from it.  Please review your school district’s unpaid meal charges policy below:

Glendale-River Hills
Fox Point-Bayside
Mapledale-Indian Hill
St. Eugene

Family accounts are established for all families in the North Shore Consortium schools. It is not necessary for families to write individual checks for each student in the family. Money for this lunch account can be deposited by sending a payment with any child or on line by clicking the “Make a Payment Online” button above.  Payments may also be made by check payable to “North Shore Food Service”.

We encourage you to sign up for low balance emails and or text notifications.  Please download this form and return it to the food service office.

You also have the added convenience of being able to check your account balance, by clicking on the”Check Account Balance” button above.

If you have a concern regarding your middle school child’s purchases, please complete a Lunch Restriction Form and turn it in to the school office or cafeteria. You have the ability to set limits on your child’s account as you feel necessary. Limit examples may include setting a maximum dollar amount to be spent each day, Pure Health snacks only or no a la carte. If you send in a restriction, it will appear on the screen to alert the cashier when your child accesses their account.

If you need further assistance, please contact the Food Service Office at 414-351-6595.