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Check your Balance,
Get Lunch Account Statements.

Families and students can check their balance and review purchases by registering with Wordware Inc. who supplies our lunch program software. If you wish to set up an account, contact the food service office to request a Family Key Letter. We will generate an activation key number specific to your account, along with a letter that has the instructions and information you need to set up your account. We will email you the Family Key Letter and you will have 24 hours to activate the account. If you are unable to get the account set up in time, just let us know and we can send you a new Family Key Letter.

If you have any questions or have difficulty accessing your balance or statements please contact us. You can also get assistance from Wordware Inc. directly via their site.

Lunch Prices
Lower School
Upper School
Cost is dependent upon items purchased


Lower Campus

  • Parents can send a cash or check payment (made out to TAHER) with their child in an envelope with their child’s name and LUNCH MONEY written on the envelope.
  • ENVELOPES containing payments are to be turned in to the main office.
  • There is no minimum or maximum deposit.  We recommend depositing money for a month of hot lunch, per student, at a time.  Payments will be entered into the system to credit each families account that day.

Upper Campus 

  • Payments into your lunch account can be deposited in the drop box in the cafeteria, or an online payment through Wordware  (See Online Payments below). Remember that Wordware is a debit system, and payments need to be made to keep the family account positive. Upper school students are told the amount they are spending each day, and can ask the cashier what their family balance is whenever they like. In addition, families are encouraged to sign up with Wordware to have access to their account online, to check balances and review charges and payments. If you need assistance setting up your account, contact the food service office at St. Joseph Upper Campus.
  • Account Spending Limits – If you would like to have a spending limit set on your students account, we can add that for you. You will also get an email notification twice per week for family accounts that are $20.00 or less. By registering with Wordware you will automatically be signed up for these low balance notifications.

On Line Payments

Parents also have the option to pay online through a partnership with FeeZee. FeeZee accepts both transfers from Checking or Savings accounts and through Credit Card payments. There is a small service fee for these transactions but there is no limit to how much can be deposited at one time. From your Family Account Access, choose Add Funds and first time users will add a Payment Method to sign up for On Line Payments through FeeZee.