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Menus for each school can be viewed and printed using Adobe Reader by clicking on the links below.

A few of our Titan favorites- Grapes, Cucumbers and Coleslaw- yes they love the coleslaw.

Click on a menu below to view or print

January K-8 Breakfast

January High School Breakfast Menu

January Elementary Lunch

January High School Lunch Menu

January K-4 Snack Menu


December K-8 Breakfast

December High School Breakfast Menu

December LCK8 Lunch

December Elementary Lonsdale Lunch

December Elementary MK8 Lunch

December High School Lunch Menu

December K-4 Snack Menu

Nutritional Analysis

A Nutritional Analysis including allergen information for all menu items are available by clicking on the link for your school below. Students and parents can use these interactive menus to help make the best choices for a well-balanced diet.

Elementary School Nutritional Information

High School Nutritional Information

Learn about this month’s Harvest of the Month Fruit, Vegetable and Spice

Kiwi   Collard Greens   Black Pepper

The Food Court is made up of six food stations where students can purchase entrees which are considered a complete “lunch”. The food court caters to a majority of students’ tastes by offering a variety of popular food choices each day. Some of our students prefer to choose similar foods each day, while others opt to select from the various stations depending on the daily offerings. Throughout the school year, we constantly evaluate menus and implement changes based on student input. We welcome suggestions and requests for new menu ideas and will try to honor them.

Click here to see the food court stations that are featured.