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Revtrak is the computerized prepayment system for school meals in our district. The balance system where funds are placed in advance on the account, and purchases are drawn against the balance. The program is not a credit card type system. Students are issued a Pin number, which is assigned to them when they first enter the school district. Parents should discuss meal and a la carte purchasing guidelines with their children on a regular basis to prevent unwelcome purchases.

PAYMENTS ARE NOT IMMEDIATE: Payments made before 12:00 PM will be in the student’s account that same day. Payments made after 12:00 PM will be in the student’s account the next morning after payment.

Breakfast Prices




Lunch Prices


Elementary  $2.50
Middle School


Middle School  $2.80
High School


High School  $2.80
Reduced Price  $0.00 Reduced Price  $0.00
Kindergarten  $0.00

Payments are accepted by check or cash. Payments by check or cash must be in a sealed envelope and the envelope must contain student or family name, lunch ID and account number to assist in crediting the proper account

Any money remaining in a student lunch account at the end of the school year will be transferred with the student to the next grade. Any refunds of $5.00 or more for students leaving the district must be made in writing to: Brenda Rosier, Tri-City United, 101 2nd St NE, Suite 3, Montgomery, MN 56069. Request for refund forms are available at all school offices.



The purpose of this policy is to establish consistent guidelines for meal account procedures and debt collection.


Tri-City United ISD 2905 recognizes proper nutrition is essential for adequate learning. Students may purchase meals once funds have been deposited into their family account or by cash payment. If a family account falls negative, the student(s) will be allowed to purchase lunch for 5 days. If payment is not received or arrangements made within 5 days of the account becoming negative, the procedures within this policy will be followed.


The parent/guardian will be notified per regular district method when the family account is equal to or less than $10.00.


Negative accounts are monitored by the lunch program administrator, located in the District Office. The lunch program administrator will use the district method to inform parents/guardians of account status. If a negative balance persists, the building administrator or designee may contact the household for arrangements. If the parent/guardian refuses to make payment arrangements with the district, a certified letter will be sent to the household that the account will be turned over to a collection agency if the account is not settled.


  1. When the account balance is negative, a milk and grain component will be offered at breakfast. A sandwich and milk will be offered at lunch when the account balance is negative.
  2. Families may apply for free/reduced meals at any time during the school year. Applications for this program are mailed to all families in the district prior to the start of the school year. Applications are available upon request or can be found in any building office.