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Waterford Union High School uses Wordware as their computerized prepayment system for lunch purchases. Student ID cards include a bar code, that is scanned to identify the student and deduct purchases from their family account. The system makes it more convenient for students to purchase meals, and speed up service in the lunch line. Money must be in the account in order to make purchases, similar to a debit card. A locked drop box is located in the cafeteria where students can make payments are processed daily. There is no maximum amount that you can pre-pay. Each WUHS student in your family accesses the same family account, although charges are tracked by student ID on your statement.


Student ID cards are used for many activities as well as lunch purchases, so if lost they must be replaced immediately. Students may not use another student’s card.

Students approved for free or reduced-priced meals will use their ID card and the family account will be charged appropriately. The computerized system does not

identify a free or reduced-price meal on the screen.

Students are reminded when their account balance is $10.00 or less. Students who do not have money in their account will not be allowed to make food purchases. A la carte snack items are not included with a lunch so students who purchase them on account are charged full price regardless of whether they receive free or reduced price meals. Parents should discuss purchasing guidelines with their children in advance to prevent unwelcome charges to their account.
Starting this year, cash will be accepted at a specific register for the last 10 minutes of each lunch period.

Payments can be made by credit or debit card by clicking the “Make a Payment Online” button above. Online payments are handled by Efunds for Schools and there is a fee for this service. Payments by check or cash will only be accepted in a prepayment envelope available at the drop box. Any money remaining at the end of the school year will be transferred with the student to the next grade.

To check your account balance, or review purchases click the “Check Account Balance” button. Enter your Family ID, and your PIN number (the last 4 digits of your home phone number). Balances are updated after 6pm daily. For assistance, contact Maureen Hamilton or Theresa Palen in the Food Service Office. 534-3189 x 7523