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Healthy to a “T”: Prebiotics and Probiotics: What You Should Know

Discussion on prebiotics and probiotics has been a nutrition topic in recent years, but do you know what they are? With continued growth in research, studies have found these “nutrition boosters” in foods may improve your overall health. You probably have noticed many different types of supplements; from pills and cleanses to powders, but they are unnecessary. Pre and probiotics are natural ingredients found in everyday foods.

What are Prebiotics and How Do They Work?

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Healthy to a “T”: Can a Pear a Day Keep the Doctor Away?


Yes! Although apples get a lot of attention for their health benefits, pears pack a punch when it comes to healthful foods. Pears are one of the highest fiber filled fruits, providing six grams per medium-sized fruit, helping you meet over 20% daily requirement of fiber. A diet high in fiber has many health benefits, including reducing cholesterol levels, preventing colon cancer, and reducing constipation to name just a few. Pears also contain a fair amount of vitamins C, K, B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), and B6 (pyridoxine) and minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, and manganese; all important in supporting your immune system and preventing disease.

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Premium Grill Starting this week at the HS!

Check out the new Premium Grill Station at the High School!

This station will feature upscale grilled sandwiches and popular fresh made specialties that you’ll Love.
Wait until you try the Fresh Grilled 1/3 lb Smashburger with Cheddar or Pepperjack cheese on a soft Brioche Bun!

While we were at it, we upgraded the products on the Diner Station and added some new ones.  We now feature Nathan’s Hot Dogs, and the best Chicken items we could find.  There’s a lot of things happening in the Food Service Department, so come down and check it out.