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Infinite Campus is the computerized prepayment system for school meals in our district. Students use a pin number to access their account in the lunch line. Infinite Campus is a declining balance system, similar to a checking account. Money must be in the account in order to purchase breakfast, lunch, extra milk, or ala carte items. There is no maximum amount that you can prepay, and there are options that make it easy for you to keep track of your student(s) individual account and to make payment arrangements.

Breakfast Prices




Lunch Prices
Elementary (K-6)


Elementary (K-6)  $2.40
Jr / Sr High  $1.85 Jr/Sr High  $3.25
Reduced Price  $.30 Grill Station 7-12  $4.00
Reduced Price  $0.40

Account Access
To access online payments click on the link above or go to the district website, login to the parent portal and then click on online payments.

Online Payments

Parents can make online payments to their child’s food service account via their checking/savings account. You will need to log in to the parent portal to access the online payments screen. There is a $0.45 processing fee per transaction.

Payments can also be made at the school your child attends by putting the deposit into an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name and pin # on it and then dropping it in one of the various drop boxes located by the cafeteria or school office.

Account Balance Policy

The Food Service Program is a pre-payment program. Families are expected to have a positive balance in their student’s food service meal accounts at the beginning of the school year and during the course of the school program year.

Students who are not on free lunch must have their accounts paid in full prior to the start of each school year. Unpaid accounts in excess of $-20.00 will make students ineligible to have an active meal account for the next school year.

The Board of Education recognizes that there is a high volume of payments that must be entered and processed at the beginning of the school year. In order to allow Food Service staff to enter these payments, no child will be denied a meal during the first five days of school of any given year.

A. Families will be notified when their student’s account reaches a positive $10.00 through email.

B. Families who have student accounts that are negative will be notified daily by phone and email from the Food Service Department, and these notices will continue until there is a positive balance in the account.

C. An Elementary School Student whose balance goes into arrears of more than $10.00 will receive a written letter and a phone call from the Food Service Director. A substitute meal that consists of a cheese sandwich, fruit, vegetable, and milk will be provided for a total of five days. The normal hot lunch charge will still be applied to the account for these meals. After the five days, if the account balance has not been paid, the child’s food service account will be disabled and the parent/guardian will need to send their child with a lunch from home until the outstanding balance has been paid.

D. A Jr/Sr High School student will be notified in the lunch line when his/her account reaches a positive $5.00. Once the account goes negative, a student may continue to purchase meals up to a -$10.00. No further charges can be made to the account until the account balance has been paid.

E. No ala-carte purchases are allowed unless there is money in a food service account to cover the charges. An ala carte item is defined as an item purchased outside the reimbursable breakfast or lunch. For example: a bag of chips, a carton of milk, or a cookie.


Students in grades 5-12 have the options of purchasing ala carte items. These items are not a part of a regular meal and are charged at full price to all students. If your child does not have money in his/her account, he/she will not be able to make any ala carte purchases. Parents are encouraged to discuss purchasing guidelines ahead of time to prevent any unwelcome charges to their accounts. You may contact the food service office at any time to set up a daily total spending limit or to completely block ala carte purchases.