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Skyward Family Access

Skyward is the computerized prepayment system for school meals in our district. The balance system where funds are placed in advance on the account, and purchases are drawn against the balance. The program is not a credit card type system. Students are issued a 4 Digit Pin number, which is assigned to them when they first enter the school district. Our policy requires all student accounts must be active and current and have a positive balance in order to purchase lunch (for full and reduced priced meals), extra milk or ala carte items. There is no maximum amount that you can pre-pay.


Parents are able to Access Family Statements on line to check a balance, or review charges by student through family access.

Click on the Check Account Balance Button or the link on the District Home Page.

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Breakfast Prices



Lunch Prices


Elementary $2.90
Middle School $1.75 Middle School $3.15
High School $1.75 High School $3.15
Reduced Price $.30 Reduced Price $.40

Families are required to pay in advance for the lunch program and should maintain a positive balance in their account.  If a students’ account balance is $19.99 or below, a phone call and/or email will go out daily until the balance is $20.00 or above.  When the account reaches $0 or below, no Ala Carte purchases will be allowed.  Parents should discuss meal and ala carte purchasing guidelines with their children on a regular basis to prevent unwelcome purchases. 

Payments are accepted by check or cash. Payments by check or cash must be in a sealed envelope and the envelope must contain student and family name, lunch ID and account number to assist in crediting the proper account, and may be dropped off at any of the school offices.